• Tick Box
    Cedar and Oak Tick Box
  • Bandsaw Box
    Pine Oak and Mahogany
  • Tick Box
    Oak and Maple
  • Band Saw Box
    Pine and Mahogany
  • Tick Box
    Pine and Oak
  • Tick Box
    Pine Pencil Box
  • Tick Box
    African Blackwood


Gerry Blane had never done any woodwork, ever. He couldn’t even put a toilet roll holder up in the bathroom without it being squinty. So, when he bought a router table and a band saw and told his wife he was going to make boxes she just looked over her glasses and said, “yes dear, watch your fingers”. After practicing on scrap bits of wood that he begged, borrowed and baught, he made his first bandsaw box.

His wife accused him of buying it. He has now started producing Tick Boxes which are boxes that can be used for storing things and telling the time. All his pieces are unique and can be made to order. If you are interested in buying some of his work just drop him a line from the contacts page.

Gerry Makes all his woodwork projects in his SHED. Which just happens to be the name of his family band. (They got their name because Gerry’s wife, Sineag would not let them practice in the house)

His SHED is split in two with the first half having an open fire, bar, music centre and TV and the other half his workshop. Gerry Spends a lot of time in the SHED.

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